Microsoft Access Courses



Paul runs two standard Access courses, both lasting two days.


Access Introduction

The whole emphasis of this course is to enable the participants to "make a damn good start at designing their first databases". The course is demanding and requires participants to have good logic, lots of patience and an eye for detail.

  1. Relational database theory - when, why, what.
  2. Familiarization with the structure of an Access database - "objects" (tables, queries, forms, reports).
  3. Creating and designing objects - detailed hands-on experience.
  4. A 2-hour exercise to consolidate and introduce new experiences.
  5. Advanced topics as time permits.

Access Advanced

This course is free-form and covers the topics as requested by the class (and a few added by Paul!). The emphasis is on the subjects that make an Access database friendly to use and robust. A half-day introduction to Access VBA is often included.

Participants must be well into the design of at least one database before attending this course. 


Specialist requirements are covered by request.


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