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Paul is an "elder statesman" of computing, and claims to once have cooked toast from the heat of the valves in a computer in the early 1960's. His greying hair shows the strain this must have caused.

Since1993 Paul has been building his knowledge of Access, training at introductory and advanced levels and offering consultancy and development services to clients.

It is these last two which he views as most productive and satisfying. "With Access it is so quick to create a prototype system. This requires little more than the topics covered at an introductory level."

However creating a secure, multi-user system needs in-depth experience of Access. "I find that users who are self-taught, or who do not have the time to experiment, often ask for help in developing their systems. One or two days with them at their own offices gives that extra help to cover the more complex tasks."

Paul le Gassick has over 41 years experience in computing, management and business (as at retirement at end May 2004).


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